Safety? Our Priority!

By 3rd December 2018 No Comments

By: Daniela Navas

Safety is certainly our main concern when it comes to mobility. As a company that is looking to reshape the mobility landscape offering safe rides as our value proposition, we understand that taxi travel should be at least as safe, and ideally safer, than using your own car.

As we have said before, the world population is expected to increase by 50% by 2050; this is why it is necessary to pay attention to the new mobility trends that promise to change the game through technology and innovation. We need to offer safer and more reliable transportation systems, since this is one of the biggest concerns for clients.

Although, some mobility companies have relied on statistics when they have been asked about incidents like robbery or sexual assaults on their cars, pointing out that these incidents are usually a small percentage compared with the number of rides, we understand even one case is too many. Safety on rides should be priorised all the time.

Undoubtedly, the apps that allow ordering taxis from your phone are the biggest game changers these days. Nevertheless, most of these apps make the application of established regulations more difficult than expected. Which raise questions on accessibility, data security, liability, and of course, safety, because they do not play under the same rules as other taxi companies. However, it does not mean that the new mobility offers are not as concerned about safety as the traditional ones.

One of the most innovative tools that the new technologies have brought to the mobility landscape is the possibility of rating drivers and passengers, which allows members of the platform to know what they will encounter when getting on the cab. A well-rated driver/passenger should result in a safe ride.

Moreover, many of these companies continually evaluate their drivers in order to ensure the safest ride possible their customers are looking for. There are accreditation schemes including key safety criteria to obtain a taxi operator accreditation. This means that new companies are truly prioritizing safety. For instance, at EYESAFE we have driver regulatory compliance accountability tools that prove the driver is fit for driving in the jurisdiction. Your safety is our peace of mind!

In addition to this, we encourage our customers to evaluate our app in order to improve the experience, the service, and the offerings. We are aware that if we want to build a safer ecosystem for our clients we have to listen to their recommendations.

Anytime you go in a car driven by someone else you give up a little control to another person. Often that person is a complete stranger. At EYESAFE we know our service is based on trust and we devout all our resources to create a safe environment where specific tools, regulations, and procedures are implemented and actively enforced.

We completely understand that trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. This is why our aim is to create an environment where all of the actors feel in safe hands. Do you want to be part of our safe ride? We are coming soon!