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Electric cars? They are closer than you think!

By 18th December 2018 No Comments

By: Daniela Navas

The future is near! Although electric cars seemed like something, we would have to wait a little longer for, there are some interesting new services around.

As we have stated before, environmental issues around global warming and rapid urbanization in the developing world are among the challenges that need to be addressed, in order to offer answers to questions over sustainability and the future of the planet. Some industries have certainly begun to do so.

The biggest car companies around the world are creating the vehicles of the future, many of them autonomous, connected, and, of course, eco/electric. According to CNBC, electric vehicle ownership will grow exponentially to about 125 million by 2030, spurred by policies that encourage drivers, fleets, and municipalities to purchase clean-running cars.

These cars have a bunch of benefits, among them: they are cheaper to run, because owners of electrified vehicles have much lower running costs, therefore, they are cheaper to maintain, there are many safety improvements attached to its lack of fuel, and of course, they are better for our health and our environment.

However, you do not need to buy a new car and face the costs attached to it in order to use transportation with a minimum damage to the planet. Nowadays, there are apps and companies that allow you to rent an electric car. In Madrid, several new carsharing services have officially been launched and they are already changing the mobility landscape of the city.

These examples of Mobility as A Service offer clients the possibility of picking up cars and leaving them in different places, taking advantage of rules that exempt electric vehicles from driving bans in certain areas and paying for public parking. Simplifying mobility in an innovative way!

It definitely seems like the future of mobility is bright thanks to many companies around the world which are truly concerned about the sustainability of our future societies. At EYESAFE we are aiming to create an environment that will contribute to the sustainable development of our cities and our planet. Therefore, we celebrate every eco-friendly service out there!

Sustainability is a major challenge for our future cities, but people working together and thinking outside the box can solve it. Are you ready to join our journey of innovation and alternative mobility?