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What is coming for Mobility As A Service in 2019?

By 14th January 2019 No Comments

By: Daniela Navas

The last decade has been significantly important for the mobility industry. We have seen how the game has definitely changed throughout the years, and 2019 will not be an exception.

Experts say we will continue to see improvements on different sectors of the industry, taking us to more efficient, intelligent, data-centered, and cheaper rides, which have the main objective of revolutionizing travel for customers and, of course, creating more sustainable methods of travel.

In 2019 we will see a rapidly expanding and diverse array of mobility players moving in lots of directions. The business of travel will grow as MaaS develops and grows. According to experts, we can expect three major advances this year:

  1. Autonomous vehicles will enter the scenario. We have been talking about them for a while, but 2019 will mark the year in which we should expect to see further developments towards their mainstream adoption. In the past years, there has been a recent surge in interest on testing and integrating self-driving cars to the transport systems of highly populated cities. Some important companies worldwide have been leading the tests to get fully automated rides and they seem closer than never before.

As reported by Statista, by 2025, the car market for partially autonomous vehicles is expected to be worth 36 billion U.S. dollars while the market for fully autonomous vehicles lags behind at 6 billion U.S. dollars. Nonetheless, they are catching up bit by bit!

  1. Mobility planning tools will keep growing. According to the Fjord Report for 2019, multimodal and intermodal services and platforms will grow commonplace. We can expect services integrating across different modes of transport, offering subscription-based payment models and integrated payment systems. Which takes us to the third major progression:
  2. 5G will enter the mobility industry. According to Ian Campbell, chief technology officer at Cisco, we will be able to see this trend from fully autonomous connected cars to the explosion of potentially trillions of IoT devices. For 2019 it is expected that 5G enters the scene with the potential to bring today’s emerging technologies to the mainstream. Campbell affirms that in the near future this can help us create cities with an infrastructure that allows communication in real time between cars, buildings, people, and things.

According to Intel, the Internet of Things is exploding, and by 2020 there will be 200 billion connected devices, from minuscule chips to mammoth machines talking to each other and to us.

As a company that works every day to offer travelers mobility solutions based on their travel needs, at EYESAFE we are definitely excited for 2019! We are planning a new year where we can connect you with the taxis of the future, while we make your rides simpler, safer and better through choice, technology, and great service.

Tell us; are you as excited as we are?


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