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So many apps… to hail a taxi?!

By 2nd June 2019 No Comments

By: Alejandro Becerra

It was first reported by The Economist in 2016; apps were coming to overtake and integrate the way we transport in our cities. In their article “It starts with a single app”, they describe how in Finland’s Capital, Helsinki, the process of creating Mobility as a Service had started, where mobile apps were being developed to be downloaded to our phones provide a secure and efficient way of requesting, booking or reviewing the transport options at hand. The promise was one app that provided us every single service, but in the three years since the publication of the article, not much has changed.

Well, we are still crammed with different apps, for different services (I mean, there were 2,134,302 apps in Google’s Play Store by the beginning of 2019). We have one app for bikes, one app for scooters, one app for trains, one app for hackney carriages and one app for private hire vehicles. Some apps give you directions and available ways to get there, but you are not able to get hail the transport from within them… And those, work mostly in big cities. Even then, we have to choose between the black apps, the blue apps, the pink apps, the rainbow apps… so many options. Too many to choose from.

In smaller towns and cities, we have to either call for a taxi service, take the bus or wait for a hackney carriage to appear at the ranks. Why does it have to be this way? In average, the majority of people opened apps on their phone 1-10 times per day. Why would we still need to change between apps to hail a local taxi?!
We decided to take the change in our own hands and created EyeSafe, the new mobility app that brings your local private hire and hackney carriage services under one roof!

No more changing apps, no more waiting in the rain for the taxis to arrive at the rank, no more needing to call the operator to book! Now, with just a tap, you will be able to book or prebook a service from one of our partner drivers and operators.


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