MEye Lady

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When traveling, passengers should not only expect to feel safe, but also be safe. All too often, women are exposed to situations that make them feel unsafe, and at times, there aren’t better alternatives. In 2017 alone there were 162 sexual offences involving drivers of PHV, taxis, and Ubers alike, not even taking into account other illegal activities.

As it stands, when the suspected criminal is a TfL licensed taxi or private hire driver and TFL is notified, they immediately assess whether there is a risk to public safety. Potential outcomes of this are suspending the driver’s licence prior to charge or conviction, or in some instances, revoking it entirely.

Similarly, just as TFL’s standards, when a driver or rider is reported within the EyeSafe app, that user will be suspended until further investigation is performed, and if necessary, their information will be passed along to the appropriate service if this has not already been done.

Despite TFL and MPS doing their best to tackle the problem and implement more safety precautions for riders, there is still more to be done.

That’s why we’ve introduced MEye Lady. The female only option for women traveling with EyeSafe. Women will now have the option to order a female taxi driver, so that she may feel safer on her journey from A to B and have more ease of mind. In the same regard, female taxi drivers can also feel more assured that they may have a hassle-free and safer journey to their passenger’s destination.

This feature is in addition to our panic button, where users can phone the emergency services directly from within the app or send a silent message alerting authorities of a dire emergency situation where they feel a phone call may cause them more harm.

This is just one of many safety features that EyeSafe has implemented to help make your journey safer, easier, and stress-free.

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