Community blog post

By 18th July 2019 No Comments

On Saturday, the 13th of July, EyeSafe held an event on Grays High Street to get the local community involved and to spread the word about EyeSafe. We were offering free hot dogs and burgers, music, and a bucking bronco for entertainment. We here at EyeSafe believe that community should be built into our businesses core values and that it is so important to be involved locally. This is why we put so much focus on bringing business back to the community and stress the importance of using local cabbies.

Nowadays, big companies come into towns and push out the local businesses without any regard for the community. Here at EyeSafe, we want to keep the sense of community, and local businesses, alive and well. Not only are we local ourselves, but we aim to help keep the local cabbies from having their business taken from them by the bigger, intrusive corporations. Why does this matter to us? It’s simple.  Local is superior. We know that local cabbies know the streets better, are fully licensed, and go through extensive checks before ever getting behind the wheel.

When you travel with EyeSafe, you have this same assurance. Local, licensed cabbies with added safety features built into the app. No longer do you have to walk to the rank in the dark, wait in the rain to catch a cab, or sit on hold on the phone to book a taxi. At EyeSafe, we recognised the community need, and came up with a winning solution for everyone involved. We want the best and safest for our town, and most importantly, we want to keep business local.