Family profile

By 26th July 2019 No Comments

At EyeSafe, we know family is probably one of the important, if not most important, things in your life. That’s why we’ve implemented family profiles, built right into our app.

With the EyeSafe family profile, you can allocate Eyes (EyeSafe Credits) to members of your family as well as watch their journey to know whether or not they are arriving safely. With EyeSafe, you can rest well knowing you can give your partner, children, etc the funds they need to get to their destination more safely. Additionally, you can keep track of how much your family is spending on transportation.

Another perk of riding with EyeSafe family is knowing that there are added safety features at just the touch of a button. If your loved one is feeling unsafe, or an emergency occurs, they can quickly and easily press the SOS button to get a hold of emergency services or let the EyeSafe community around them know they are feeling unsafe.

Finally, with EyeSafe, if your loved one is travelling with a small child or a baby, they can pre-book a taxi that is able to accommodate their little ones. Just press the option within the app, and know that when your taxi arrives, it will be prepared to take the young ones on board!

This is just another perk of travelling with EyeSafe! See you on the road


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