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“Feel safer, get rewarded and let us put a smile in your day!”


“Feel safer, build your brand and be the driver of your success!”

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It's the minimal fuss that I love about EyeSafe, I book, they arrive, take me where I want to go and that's it. Payment is taken care of and I don't have to worry about carrying cash on me.


Its all about the App, its easy to use and I can book a cab in under a minute. What more can you ask for?


Why Taxis?

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With EyeSafe, we realise that life is about convenience as well as safety. This is why we are working with local taxis in order to boost their services and connect…

Family profile

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At EyeSafe, we know family is probably one of the important, if not most important, things in your life. That’s why we’ve implemented family profiles, built right into our app.…

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