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Customer experience = trust!

By 2nd January 2019 No Comments

By: Daniela Navas

In our modern world, there are many aspects that define the relationships we build with the brands and services we use.  When customers chose a brand there are definitely many aspects that come into the equation, from price to convenience. However, one factor that is common to all purchasing decisions is trust. Trust that the company will deliver on its promises, provide the product or service it specified and not let you, as a customer, down.

But how can user trust be gained? That is something that we at EyeSafe have asked ourselves more than once throughout the process of developing our apps and systems. It seems that never before something like customer experience design was as important as it is today. It turns out that having – or not – a good customer experience can really impact the buying decision. Experts have established that users enjoy more and are more likely to be satisfied with products or services they use when they trust them, and one way to gain user’s trust is through customer’s experience design.

Just as it happens when you go for a coffee at the closest coffee shop, chances are that if they give you a cold cappuccino when you asked for a hot one, you’ll be disappointed, and it will impact your decision to come the back next time. The same thing happens with online or app-based services.

According to the Manhattan Institute’s Urban Policy of 2018, if users find the experience slow, complex, or not intuitive, they will abandon their search, delete the app, and retain a long-standing negative impression of the company.

In the digital era, online businesses cannot succeed without delighted users. This is the reason why user-centred design is fundamental. In Mobility As A Service, the user experience is also key. Understanding the customer’s needs, expectations and behaviours within the platform are fundamental. This, as there are many different traveller needs that MaaS Platforms must meet in order to be successful: they need to be able to deliver convenience, safety, consistency and great service, all at once!

We, at EyeSafe, know it and have translated it into our platforms, aiming to provide you with clear, straightforward and friendly systems that make your travelling with us worry less!

So, what do we need to do for you to have a great customer experience?

1-    We have developed a consistent tone, look and feel within our systems, to try and make our apps fun and relaxing to look at!

2-    We also have made it easy for you to control what you share with us, where and how; trying to empower you to be the master of your rides and your EyeSafe journey!

3-    We have taken conscious steps to keep your payments secure and your transactions hassle-free, looking for innovative solutions for you to always be able to ride safely!

4-    We listen to you and empower you to make the systems better! If enough users ask for a feature, we will make it a reality, making you an active contributor on the co-creation process that is involved in creating a smarter and safer transport!

Currently, there is increased competition and almost limitless choice. Therefore, trust is a vital part of attracting and retaining users. This is why we will not stop looking for ways to make your experience using EyeSafe an amazing one; Because “your safety, is our peace of mind”. Jump on board!





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