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Choice, in the right amount

By 4th June 2019 No Comments

By: Alejandro Becerra

In today’s post, I touch on another of the driving principles behind EyeSafe: giving customers the freedom to choose and book the taxi service they want or need at any point in time.

Fulfilling customer needs and bringing them valuable products and services has always been a key driver of any company’s success. The difficulty lies in what would be valuable for one customer, may not be so for others to which the company still wants to cater. Some companies have responded to this by creating multiple varieties of the same products they offer and which already serve the needs of several customers.
For us, as customers, this results in having to experience what has been called “Choice Overload”, a negative psychological experience that happens when we have too many options too choose from and cannot decide what we want.

For businesses, this is a bad outcome for all their efforts, as it has been found that when we as customers experience choice overload, we tend to quit the buying process altogether. With the fierce competition all businesses are facing today in our interconnected world, companies should invest and dedicate a good part of their efforts to generate a customer experience that puts them ahead of the competition.
To do this, companies should optimise the choices they provide their customers with, being rational with the way they are organised, displayed and developed. By designing and being rational about the way people choose between products, what has been called Choice Architecture, companies can make sure that the process of searching, valuing and buying a product or service is faster and smoother. The smoother the process, the more profitable companies will be as it will be easier for customers to find and purchase your products.

With this in mind, our EyeSafe Rider apps have been designed to make choosing the different services you as a rider may need, smooth and easy. Not only are you presented with a set of easily understandable vehicle categories, but also you are allowed to select with one tap if you are travelling with luggage, a pet, a small child or if you require an accessible vehicle. We have also made sure it is easy for you to pre-book services for later and to pay the way you want; giving you the freedom to choose, without making your life complicated! Download EyeSafe and book a ride now!


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