By: Alejandro Becerra

With the rise of mass production, technology, and e-commerce, customisation of products and services has become a request that commonly is voiced by customers all over the world. Not only do customers want to be able to tailor the products and services they buy to fit their specific needs, but they are willing to pay more for them!
As was reported by Deloitte, in some industries and, with certain products, more than 50% of customers surveyed replied they would be willing to customise the products they want to purchase. This is a result of new customer types and customer needs that in some cases cannot be fulfilled by the standard product or service the company offers.
We at EyeSafe had this in mind through every stage of the design and development process. We knew that both our drivers, operators, and riders needed to be able to customise the way they interact with our services.
On the rider side, we understood from the beginning that different users required different types of vehicles and that even those users may require different features for different trips. To respond to this, we created options to request extra space for luggage, a vehicle that is pet-friendly, accessible, that has wifi, that is extra large or even that is a hybrid/electric vehicle (for our customers who are more environmentally conscious. On that same note, we also understood that depending on different situations you as a customer may want (or be able) to pay for the service with a business credit card, your personal card or even cash; thus we created capabilities to allow you to do that in every trip you take through EyeSafe.
But we could not leave the options to customise our service just for our rider users, we had to bring it to our driver and operator users! The first thing we understood was that different companies provide different services: some companies will only focus on bigger vehicles, hybrid or electric fleets or accessible vehicles. Also, you as an operator or driver have the right to choose how you want to be paid, thus we allow you to select which payment methods will be accepted when riding with you.

You are the master of your rides, your car and your fleet! Download EyeSafe to experience freedom when riding, driving or managing your company’s fleet!

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