With EyeSafe, we realise that life is about convenience as well as safety. This is why we are working with local taxis in order to boost their services and connect them as a community. “Why?” you may ask? The answer is simple. When we connect local taxi drivers with each other and the community, the outcome is safer rides, better navigation, and more knowledgeable drivers.


“How is this possible?” you ask. It’s simple. Our local taxi drivers are licensed, they’re fully trained, know the roads better than the back of their hand and are willing to constantly improve themselves to keep up with today’s standards. They are motivated to get you where you want to go, without asking YOU for directions, because they already know the fastest, most efficient way to get you there. Additionally, they’ve completed background checks and constantly are being upheld to the highest standard by the council.


“So why EyeSafe?” you may find yourself thinking. We know you can get a taxi by walking to the rank…But how great would it be if you could order one directly from your house, without having to talk on the phone, just by the press of a button? Easily customise your ride exactly how you’d like and know you can be accommodated before you go. This is why EyeSafe is here, to help bring the local taxis into the modern world, help them to become more tech-savvy, and bring you the same great quality rides, all while keeping business in the local community.