Create a company that is dedicated to its drivers and riders, an app that is simple to use and a service that exudes safety, fun and excellence.

Dacian Keran

About Us

We are a company dedicated to the development of technological solutions aimed at improving the way people travel in cities, daily. We are created out of a need we saw in our day to day life and which thus became the driver of our quest to innovate and overhaul the mobility industry.

We believe that through the development of consciously designed tools we can contribute to the creation of cleaner, safer and more humane cities. Places where not only the transportation services are improved in quality; but also, where we, as citizens, can actively contribute to the shaping of our future urban centres.

As a result of this belief we are constantly going back to the drawing board to generate new mechanisms and applications that can help us achieve our purpose of making transport in our cities safer, easier and more convenient!

Manifesto for Humankind

EyeSafe heroes wanted!

Every day, most of us -be it commuters, occasional riders, professional drivers or travellers on leisure and business- are faced with decisions on how to travel above ground and underground in our ever-congested, polluted cities.

Constantly seeking out the perfect ride to make our lives easier, we are bombarded with  the new “ideal”  transport solution: cars, motorbikes, buses, coaches, trams, trolleybuses, on-demand minivans, (e)-bikes, (e)-scooters, trains, ferries, subways, taxis, ride-hailing cars, car-pooling, rickshaws, car sharing, cable cars, water boats taxis, funiculars, ships, drones, autonomous vehicles, flights, helicopters, etc…

The truth is, it was never so easy and fast to travel from one place to another. But does this mean we always choose wisely – for our time, pocket and state of spirit? Or for our planet Earth that is giving us all the means to live?

Clearly, sometimes you have choices, unfortunately, choosing the best one is not an easy task.

At EyeSafe, you are the regular, everyday Hero! Join now a large community of international individuals just like you, share your experiences with them, offer your insights and travel safer, cheaper, faster and greener. Because you deserve it and because now it is truly possible…only with EyeSafe!

And because every major journey starts with one single step, we are pleased to tell you that you have now the option to test our amazing, brand new mobility platform in your region. A variety of taxis and private cars are waiting for you to pick. We are the first ever platform that is designed to be a living organism, a civic ecosystem in a female-friendly environment, fixed prices, cashless rides, green cars and many other unique features and options to come.

To deliver a high-quality service, we need drivers who are passionate: passionate about safety, great customer experience, constantly looking to develop, maintain, improve trusting relationships with our community and to put a smile on our passengers’ face. Join us and be part of our community!

Oh, and let’s make your feedback count. We want to take your suggestions on board, and for that, we have put in place tools that allow you to have a direct impact on the future developments of EyeSafe.

So, in a nutshell: we are empowering you…be a Co-creator of our EyeSafe world and together let’s make our cities smarter, safer and our planet healthier! You suggest, the community votes, we develop and implement.

Our goal is to become your preferred “One Stop Shop” marketplace! Book from ANYWHERE, ride EVERYWHERE, for ANYBODY, at ANY TIME!

Be a Hero, save the day and let’s tell our authorities, public and private transit providers what you need and how you want it done, in an efficient, ecological and sustainable way. All together we will connect the dots and build your own story within the larger global one.

You have the right to CHOOSE. Travel SMART. Travel SAFE. Become an EYESAFER.

Unleash the hero from within yourself!

Join the EyeSafe Community now!

Mission, Vision and Values

We created EyeSafe having in mind:

  • Safety of clients
  • Security of data
  • Seamless service experience, choice and value

All that with a smile!

  • Mission: To provide resources that reshape the global mobility landscape through constant innovation and partnerships, contributing to the creation of smarter and safer ecosystems where different actors of the industry converge and work together towards a sustainable future.
  • Vision: Be it for passengers, goods or freight, we strive to become the industry’s standard for safety through our unique Mobility as a Service (MaaS) One-Stop-Shop platform.
  • Our Actions as a company are guided by the values we stand for:
  • Safety: We will devout our resources to create a safe environment where specific tools, regulations and procedures are implemented and actively enforced.
  • Transparency: We aim to maintain open lines of communication with all our stakeholders and remain honest about our company operations at every layer.
  • People-centricity: We constantly develop tools that have people’s needs at their core, always aiming to deliver a seamless and holistic experience.
  • Consciousness: As a conscious business we are aiming to create an environment that will contribute to the sustainable development of our cities and our planet.
  • Empowerment: We believe that empowered communities will always be the source of innovation and progress and through our open channels of interaction we are unleashing the potential to shape the smart cities of the future.
  • Trust: We strive to create an environment where trustful relationships and meaningful interactions between our stakeholders are fostered, promoted and cared for.

MEye City

As a Conscious Business, we believe that working FOR the community and WITH the governments is fundamental for our actions to contribute to the betterment of our livelihoods, and the appropriate management of their development. Our tools and systems are designed to empower citizens to contribute to the creation of efficient and sustainable systems. Because without Smart Citizens to make the right choices and Smart Authorities to enforce effective policies, there cannot be any Smart Cities.

We believe that by entering through the “front door”, we are able to generate trust and transparency which are critical for building long-term relationships resulting in a Win-Win situation for every stakeholder group we impact, ie. creating value for employees, customers, drivers, citizens, governments and our planet.

At EyeSafe we practice what we preach. Therefore, we are always open to constructive discussions and bold endeavours for building the future of transit. We are entering an era of new mobility and the time has come to make the ways we transport ourselves ever simpler.

If you represent a city council, regulatory body, transport authority, think tank, NGO, public transport operator or transport ministry and want to develop a long-term partnership with this vision in mind, please contact us at: meyeauthority@

Connecting riders with drivers

Our True Passion

We want to be the connector and catalyst of the interactions between drivers and customers who know and appreciate the value of great service and great quality.